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My name is Dan Whittaker, and I am an award-winning photojournalist, videographer, and storm chaser. My photography focuses wildlife, nature and the atmosphere, in hopes of promoting land conservation and awareness of nature. I have spent my life traveling around the world, following extreme weather while visiting unique ecosystems and landscapes. I attempt to document what I see, and bring some of the intricacies of nature to peoples attention. My determination to continue learning keeps me at the cutting edge of photography with concentrations of aerial, digital blending, time-lapse, and motorized camera movements.

I truly enjoy giving presentations and being involved with anything involving teaching. Contact me for any inquiries about speaking engagements, workshops, or personal lessons.

My storm video documentation has been used by every major U.S. news TV network, and has been featured by the Discovery Channel and for commercials.  Images of mine have been published by National Geographic, Our State Magazine, in the educational book “The Anatomy of Severe Weather”, by the US State Department, the Nature Conservancy of NC, and by VisitNC.

My goal is to explore and document the beautiful reality of the world through pictures and video, in hopes of promoting conservation and preservation of this fascinating land that humans are fortunate to call home.

My websites:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/exploringnc

Instagram: @ExploringNC

500Px: https://500px.com/danwhittaker

National Geographic: http://yourshot.nationalgeographic.com/profile/938222/

*All media on this blog is under noncommercial creative commons.  Feel free to download, share and enjoy the high resolution images, all I ask is that I am given credit.  Licensees may copy, distribute, and display works based on it, only for noncommercial purposes.  For any commercial uses or licensing, contact me at lightexplored@gmail.com

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Dan, you started following my gardening page, and when I saw your storm chase interest, I decided to follow you as well- from my storm chasing page.

    I used to chase with Virginia Tech years ago, and then moved to NM. Now I go on my own each spring. Maybe I’ll see you in the Great Plains sometime.

  2. Thanks for the follow. Just Liked your page on Facebook and sent you a friend request. I’m also a storm chaser down here in southern Louisiana. Keep up the outstanding work

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