Big Rescue Cats

Over the weekend(6/16/13), I got the privilege of checking out the Conservators Center near Mebane NC.  It was a great learning experience going there and I got super close to a number of big cats!  The organization itself collects its animals from people who couldn’t handle them as a domesticated pet.  It is truly amazing to hear how many people in NC think it is a good idea to try to raise a lion or tiger….

Anyways, these people are doing a great job keeping the animals alive and happy.  They even connect with the lions they have with a sort of lion ‘roar’ that the tour guide voiced.  It was hard to try to get some of the pictures through the fence, but I used a 200mm lens and was able to get a couple of pictures.

Here is one:
_MG_0321This second image was caught at the perfect time.  The leopard was spending most of the time eyeing one of the children from the tour, but it looked up toward sun for a second and I caught a beautiful reflection of the tour in its eye.

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