Keller Williams at the Carolina Theatre

What a great show last night(7/3/13) by Keller Williams and the Travelin’ Mccourys!  I have seen Keller live a couple of times, but usually it is in some kind of bar.  This time it was at the Carolina Theatre, which meant better acoustics and decent lightning.  The first picture I want to share is one where Keller can be seen in mid-stomp, shoeless of course.  I wanted to capture the action of his playing, as well as the weirdness he brings, so this image was achieved in-camera by zooming in my lens while the picture was taking.
_MG_3817I also really enjoyed the other people he was playing on stage with, their contemporary bluegrass style plus Kellers funk was a good mix.  This next picture is of the fiddler of the band Jason Carter
And the here is mandelin player Ronnie Mccoury during an intense solo and jam between the three in the picture
And here is a classic shot of keller singing and doing his thing, with bassist Alan Bartram in the background

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