The art of glass blowing

So recently for a project, I have had to sought after somebody who is interesting and makes a cool sound.  My search quickly ended when connecting with a local Greensboro NC glass blower.  His name is Taylor and he is a very talented artist with 5+ years of practice.  I quickly learned that taking pictures of a glass blower can be very frustrating and hard, but also very rewarding.

Having never seen anybody blow glass, I was mesmerized by the process and by how difficult it actually is.  It soon became very obvious how much time and skill is needed to even create some of the most trivial glass works.  Anyways, I brought with me a strobe and some a couple of ways to fire it remotely.  I set the light a million different ways, but in the end found a couple of angles that worked really well.  The first picture to share is one that shows him in action, and the picture is exposed so that his kiln and environment could be seen.
As an artist trying to grow his business, I hope that some of these pictures will help him out.  It seems he can do just about anything, from blowing pendents, to custom objects, and also fixing glass objects given to him.  This next picture shows one of the objects he is making, and the intricacy can easily be seen…keep in mind that every color and mark was designed on purpose.
_MG_4110Here is Taylors facebook is you would like to contact him or help him out:

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