Storms in the midwest

I am finally back in North Carolina, after two months of almost non-stop storm chasing action.  I had an great time and saw some amazing storms, and 30,000 miles brought me to many new places.  In the span of the two months, I ended up chasing storms throughout MS, MO, NE, KS, OK, TX, AL, IA, and AR. I have a ton of pictures, and so for this blog I am just going to share some pictures from the last couple of storms.

This was a tornado warned storm near Henrietta, TX on 5/7/14.  This turned out to be the largest storm of the day, and eventually turned into a monster storm and traveled over a hundred miles. Texas-supercell2

The storm had some very strong rotation to it, as you can see by the striations, but did not manage to produce a tornado.  Instead, this storm produced some very large hail, strong wind gust, and showed everyone a blue sky ‘mothership’.

We kept following the storm and I was able to grab one more picture before it came overhead and smacked us with its hail.

It was a beautiful day of storm chasing, and we were all fortunate that the atmosphere provided such a treat for all of us to see.

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