Springtime in North Carolina

I have been photographing a ton throughout North Carolina this Spring, to say the least!  Storms, sunsets, the Milky Way, sunrises and wildflowers have kept me awake at weird hours of the night and I have needed to invest in a few new external hard drives for storage.  The result is a ton of new images and also some new time-lapses.  I have dedicated this blog to share the warm feeling I receive each Spring in NC, as  lush plant-life forms and creatures return from their winter slumber.  The liveliness is noticed at every trail and lakeside, as mating calls from insects and forest animals ring through the air.  The new warm air of Spring mixes with the cold Winter air creating powerful storms throughout NC, and this meant some great storm chases for me!

A lot of my time has been spent in the mountains of NC, attempting to keep up with the wildflower bloom schedule.  I did make it out to the east once, visiting Atlantic Beach and the Croatan National forest.  The images are captioned, but altogether I hope to tell the story of Spring in NC through the visual narrative of the images.  All of these images were captured from April 2016 until now (May 23, 2016).  Below this gallery is a the time-lapse from these locations.

Video featuring time-lapses from Springtime in NC, 2016:

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