Winter Storm in North Carolina 2017

Winter has arrived in North Carolina!  The recent weather has been fascinating, including a snow storm in the Piedmont and mountains, an ice storm in eastern NC, and single digit temperatures to follow.

I documented the Winter event starting on January 5th, one day before the snow hit, until January 9th.  After 8+ inches of snowfall, I documented downtown Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and the area surrounding Hanging Rock.  The snow was wet and heavy for the most part, and my vehicle safely navigated the roads in order to get to the planned locations.  I have chased dozens of snow storms so do not try this for yourself.

Truly beautiful scenes stretched throughout the Piedmont!  Check out the gallery and video below!

Interested in a print of one of the images below?  Check out the ‘recent‘ section of my website

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