Dan Whittaker at The Apple Gallery

First off, I want to say thanks for all of the tremendous support during this month at the Apple Gallery. This was my largest gallery showing (with over 30 pieces) including ready-to-hang metal and stretched canvas prints.

My prints will be hung until January 31, so try to swing by before then!  I chose a variety of prints for the show ranging from the sea to the mountains of NC, and a few from other states across the US. I also have an entire ‘storm section’ set up with tornadoes, supercells, and historic storm images that I have captured, all with descriptions. A 20 minute long special time-lapse compilation is also available for viewing in The Arts Place lobby (connected to the Apple Gallery).

If you see a print in this blog but did not get to make it to the show, let me know! You can comment below or email me at lightexplored@gmail.com. There will likely be some still available, and options for creating new prints.

Also included in the gallery during the month of January is creative lighting designs by Glenn Fleming.  He has some really interesting antique light fixtures, and they worked out as a perfect combination to help light my photography.  Glenn’s website is here: http://www.radiantpasts.com

The Apple Gallery is located at 500 North Main St., Danbury, NC (minutes from Hanging Rock State Park).  The Apple Gallery is operated by the Stokes County Arts Council, and the building is shared by The Arts Place and Higher Grounds Coffee Shop, so many unique gifts and cups of delicious coffee await!

A big thanks to the Stokes County Arts Council for inviting me!

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