Visiting Godbey Creek Canine Rescue

As an animal lover and owner of a wonderful rescue dog, my heart goes out to all of the dogs without homes.  Looking for a new companion at the local county animal shelters can sometimes be difficult and heart wrenching; so many dogs to choose from and often not enough time or space to get to know the right dog.

Godbey Creek Canine Rescue (GCCR) has dedicated its mission to overcome these difficulties, focusing on creating long lasting matches between the rescue dog and the new owner.  They do this by working individually with each new rescue dog to help train and also learn the personality, and by having a large space for visitors to spend time with the dog before adoption.  GCCR has successfully placed over 200 dogs since opening, approximately 5 years ago.

GCCR is located in Mocksville, NC, and I was recently invited to photograph the scenery for a magazine feature.  After passing a scenic pond and arriving at large pastures, I was in amazement of how much land the dogs had to wander.  The facility was roomy, and open air kennels are used for the dogs to have more fresh air and sunlight. Probably my favorite part of the rescue is how the dogs have pastures that lead into the woods, allowing them all of the playroom and scent sniffing they can handle.  Seeing the rescue dogs run through the fields was a refreshing sight and also very adorable.

Visitors can come see the dogs and walk them around the fields and the pond, allowing for time to truly become aquatinted with their new family member-to-be.  I will definitely be coming here next time I am ready to adopt!

They also are welcoming new volunteers!

Visit their website here:

Here are some unique facts provided by the rescue:

Godbey Creek Canine Rescue pulls dogs of all walks of life from surrounding county shelters. We strive to protect, provide, promote, and place each canine companion that enters into our rescue program with a loving, forever family. GCCR is an 8 acre donated site, on a scenic 52 acre tract. The rescue houses 17 kennels, 17 fresh air kennels, a quarantine area, and pastures for supervised playtime. GCCR firmly believes that each and every family pet can surmount to its full potential when the right pet is placed with the right owner in the right environment.

GCCR was founded in 2013, and has placed over 200 dogs since its inception. In an effort to prevent any of our rescued pets from returning to the shelter system, GCCR crate trains, house trains, and leash trains each dog that enters our program. We also socialize our dogs in playgroups so that we can better understand their personality and temperament with other dogs. GCCR has a strong desire to help homeless pets, and we are currently searching for volunteers and fosters to join our team. Our hope is to involve our community in our lifesaving efforts, and to continue to expand our services each year.

GCCR’s vision – zero unnecessary canine euthanasia in Davie County by 2030.

Come out and see all of the amazing effort with your own eyes and pet a few dogs!

GCCR address:
1147 Godbey Road
Mocksville, NC 27028

Phone:: 336-972-4511

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