A ride on the Virginia Blue Ridge Parkway 6-8-13

I have been spending some time thinking about mountains close to me that I have not traveled to.  After reviewing a map of the Blue Ridge Parkway, I decided to head north.  I realized that there was a section near Floyd, Va, that could be amazing.

After a couple hours of driving and exploring the section close to Rocky Knob Recreational area, I found a trail that I liked.  The clouds were setup for a dynamic sunset, and so I found a couple vantage points and waited for the moment to take the picture.

Upon the drive home, I noticed some small creatures in the road.  I was on a less developed part of the parkway and it was really dark, but I was able to pull all the way up before they got scared.  Turns out, it was a small group of young Red Foxes, and after sitting still for a second, they came back out and started playing.  I quickly switched my lens to the 200mm and snapped on my flash, knowing that they might run away at any second.  Fortunately the flash did not scare them, and I was able to get a couple of pictures before they fled.
And they were having a great time pouncing around!

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