Carolina Blue and White

Snowy mountains, frozen ponds, and icy waterfalls followed North Carolina’s recent snowstorm.  As a storm chaser and nature photographer, I knew I would have a busy few days.  I covered an area ranging from Greensboro to the mountains, while trying my best to provide fast video news coverage and discover new landscapes. The snowstorm, which started 1/22/16, made … More Carolina Blue and White

Painting with Light

An assignment was given in class to go out and paint something with light….pretty exciting!  We had a week to work on it, but since I already like light painting, I kept shooting after the assignment.  The first scene I chose was from Fort Macon near the NC coast.  This place is really cool(and free), … More Painting with Light

Wide Open Storms

Still i the wake of horrible news (see last post), I set forth to cheer up by chasing some medium strength storms around NC.  Usually around this part of the U.S. storms tend to have an abundant amount of moisture, usually restricting visibility of the storm structure.  However, I was in for a pleasant surprise! … More Wide Open Storms