From Over The Weekend…5/27/13

An incredible weekend for photogenic clouds!  I usually go out shooting either sunrise/sunset, or when the clouds are dynamic.  This meant a busy weekend for me.

I started out saturday morning near a small airport in Greensboro NC.  I had been following a thick low cloud for a bit when I stumbled upon this place.  I stayed for a bit and watched the sky change before snapping the photo that I liked.

Later that day, I ended up near North Wilkesboro to try to find mountain bikers to photograph.  I ended up positioning myself farther away from the bikers to capture the beauty of the sky as well as the calmness of the bike ride.

While hiking around the area, I found a little swamp section that gave off the reflection of the sky.  I absolutely love playing with reflections, and I especially like this image because of the couple of smooth ripples up near the top.

After a good day of rest, I went out to Bur-mil park to try to find some more reflections.  I got more than I bargained for and the sky lit up a brilliant pink.  Timing was everything in this picture, for the sky only held that color for about 5 minutes.  I was able to get the shot I wanted and take the trail back home.

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