Tornado warned storm 5/23/13

Its been a very interesting day!  I have been shooting pictures all day long and I am now getting them all on my computer.  I started out with a photo buddy named Mike in an attempt to take some self portraits.  We ended up near a river that was extra high from the rain.  A couple of locals came up to us and told us that we could take a trail down to the river dam to get some great pictures.  After about a half mile of maneuvering around rocks and not trying to fall in the river, the trail ended (unless we wanted to swim).  

My day took a turn for the unexpected with an email from my forecaster friend and business partner.  He told me a storm went tornado warned only 40 miles from my house!  I couldn’t miss the opportunity…..  
Jumped in the car and headed out! By the time I got to the storm, the tornado warning was gone, but it was still going strong and had a new ‘severe warning’ on it.  I was able to grab a picture which shows the intense power of this storm, and the movement of the storms ‘updraft’.
Martinsville VA


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