Towering storms and sunflowers

What a great week for summer storms!  The atmosphere has been prime and producing towering monster storms with tons of lightning and rain.  This means a lot of driving and a lot of chasing!
This first picture is from Thomasville NC.  My comrades and I were tracking some thunderstorms close to lexington and happened to stumble upon an amazing sunflower field.  This was especially amazing since I have spent the last three days chasing storms and finding no good foregrounds.  I used this opportunity to its fullest and shot a bunch of pictures with my 5dmrkII, including a 17 image panorama.  I also shot 2 sheets of film with a large format camera which I will develop monday.
With a humid and moist atmosphere such as NC’s, it is actually quite rare to see a full storm anvil in the blue sky.  After the surprise at the sunflower field, we made our way over to pleasant ridge where we got to see another storm exploding!  It was well hidden behind dense trees, but we eventually found a good vantage point from a golf course with a nice barn.  All in all this week, I drove probably 500 miles chasing, and it was definitely worth it!

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