North Carolina Lightning

I got a classic look at some strong storms close to Reidsville NC.  Nic and I were chasing, and we decided to stick with a small but growing cell as it headed toward a lake.  We definitely picked the right cell because it soon exploded and became severe warned.  As we watched the cloud tops grow, we began to see more and more lightning.
Although not the most electric storm I have seen, we stuck with it for a couple hours and I was able to capture it at its best.
This is one from an old beautiful graveyard that I stumbled upon  while chasing
_MG_5722(school)And here is one of the same storm captured over Reidsville lake

4 thoughts on “North Carolina Lightning

    1. Thanks Mark! Glad you found the page. You live in a beautiful place so I am sure you have some good explorations ahead of you! And check the page in a few days if you want to see the blog about the boat tour.

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