Strong storms and electric sky

A great day for storm chasing yesterday!
Accomplished pictures: Lightning reflection over water, lightning over downtown Greensboro, and rain shaft illuminated by sunset.
I have always wanted to capture lightning over my home town, and it finally worked out!  Driving less than 200 miles, forecaster Nic Robertson & I hunted down at least 3 different storm cells… All heading toward my area and intensifying.
We didnt have to do anything really crazy today to capture the pictures… the locations seemed to pop out of nowhere, and the storm timing worked out perfect.  I love it when that happens.
Here is the first picture taken over downtown Greensboro:
And here is a 12 image panorama of the storm rolling in across a semi-truck graveyard south of Greensboro NC
And finally, my first ever lightning reflection!  Hopefully more to come soon… I just need to find more lakes…

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