Greensboro Festival of Lights and Winterfest

Festivities in Greensboro this December have been a lot of fun!  I photographed Winterfest and the Festival of Lights, both are annual events in Greensboro Greensboro Festival of Lights is a one night event, and this year occurred on December 2.   Crowded streets of antler-wearing civilians listened to live bands and enjoyed the numerous … More Greensboro Festival of Lights and Winterfest

Carolina Blue and White

Snowy mountains, frozen ponds, and icy waterfalls followed North Carolina’s recent snowstorm.  As a storm chaser and nature photographer, I knew I would have a busy few days.  I covered an area ranging from Greensboro to the mountains, while trying my best to provide fast video news coverage and discover new landscapes. The snowstorm, which started 1/22/16, made … More Carolina Blue and White

Exploring Greensboro

The last few months have been spent tirelessly exploring Greensboro, North Carolina looking for places to film.  Why is this?  Besides it being amazing to truly learn and experience my hometown, I have recently been motivated to create a video that shows the change over time that has happened to this quickly expanding city. Greensboro, … More Exploring Greensboro