Last storm chase in North Carolina

I have just arrived to Texas and I am now starting to get time to edit my pictures and catch up on my blogs.  Its been an exciting last week and I have a lot of pictures to post today!  Before I get ahead of myself, I have a couple of pictures from a pleasant surprise right before I left North Carolina.  Nic Roberson and I were ‘swamping’, which for us is just exploring local swamps looking for Cypress trees and water animals to photograph.

We walked for a couple hours through some wetland area near the Greensboro Mall.  At first we came upon an inhabited tent camp which was presumably for homeless people, because of the scattered trash and 40 oz bottles.  We saw a person as we got closer and so we turned around and decided to check out the other direction.  While battling through thorn bushes, Nic and I both recognized some building cumulous clouds in the sky.  Nic is the lead forecaster for StormSquad and so we both knew what might be coming.  We felt cool air rushing toward us and I checked my phone radar and noticed a severe warned cell bow line heading for our location in Greensboro.

We quickly jumped through the thorns (we have many scratches to prove it) and made our way toward a huge field we came across earlier.  The storm was starting to come over the nearest line of trees, so I took a picture as quick as I could before it soaked up with its torrential downpour and 60+ mile wind.

This is a 12 image panorama of the storm
We ran quickly toward our car which was about .5 of a mile away.  As we were running and hauling the camera equipment, sheets of rain and wind gusts were knocking against us and getting closer and closer.  Fortunately we made it into the car before both being drenched, just slightly damp.

Since everything was dry enough and good to go, we decided to drive back through the storm by heading south to try to get another picture of the shelf cloud.  And after about 30 minutes of driving, we were able to hop in front of it near Pleasant Garden NC.
Here is the 11 image panorama I took while being hit with 60+ mph wind.  The ripples in the water are from this wind.
storm31214_22It may not have worked out for swamping, but it definitely worked out well for shelf clouds!

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