New Orleans Swamping

On the way to Texas for my internship, New Orleans had to be a quick pit stop.  I have been there before and the live music, people, food, and wetlands could keep me happy for eternity.  This blog is going to be about my visit to the Jean Lafitte National Historic Park and Preserve and its wildlife.  Check out my next blog to see the downtown life of New Orleans!

For me the wetlands of New Orleans are a photography dream come true.  Cypress Trees, alligators, spanish moss, and beautiful birds occupy these life filled coastal swamplands.  Hazel and I chose a day to go out when the sun would be out (3/20/14), which would mean these animals would be enjoying the sun and would be able to be seen.

I am going to keep the writing in this blog short and focus more on the animals and trees that I photographed.  It was an amazing place and hopefully some of these pictures do it justice.

_MG_5509This alligator was described as being close to 7 ft long by the local we were with!  Just getting some sun….




An egret flys across the water._MG_5576_MG_5383_MG_5680_MG_5418

A beautiful Cypress tree with beautiful roots surrounding it, often called Cypress ‘knees’._MG_5561


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