Street People of NC

So I started taking a look at some of my photos of the day for my photojournalism class, and decided to make a folder of the ones of people in the city.  I havent photographed a lot of street photography before this project, so its exciting to see how my perspective combines with non-posed ‘street action’.
This first photo is from downtown Greensboro in one of the oldest parts.  This man was walking down the road with an unusual ‘drunken swagger’ and I decided I should take a picture to capture the scene.
_MG_7531(2 small)
This next photo was taken at a prostitute hot-spot in high point.
This next photo is from an area in Greensboro in the highest poverty section
And the last photo I want to show is from downtown Greensboro as I was being shown around the alleyways by a very nice homeless man.  I took the picture in the reflection so I could capture him posing naturally.
In the end, I think natural poses worked out better than anything I could have created.

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