Trees of North Carolina

There are a few things in this world that will always distract me and capture my attention on a daily basic….the main ones are trees and clouds, but mainly trees.  I am always looking in for beautiful trees in peoples yards, fields that I drive by…wherever I am.  For whatever reason, they captivate me, and I have a list of tree spots that I try to make it to when the weather and time is right.
So here are some of my favorite tree pictures!
This first shot is from the  Outer Banks.  The salt water kills the tree over the years and will eventually turn it into tough dead wood which will stand until the waves eventually take it down after many years.
This next tree is located near the coast of NC in a cypress lake.  This is a small cypress tree, and I plan to watch it and photograph it over the next few years.
The sky is something I always try to pay special attention to in my tree pictures.  This night there was a moon halo which made for a great tree-background!

This is a tree sitting on top of a cliff overlooking the French Broad River in NC.
And this last photo is from the coastal area of NC… Great clouds, stars, and a human to compare this awesome tree to!

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