Recycling Center Fire

So storm season has been relatively slow this year… but this has sparked a relatively new interest for me…fires!  A few days ago I noticed some smoke coming up above the trees, and after a quick google, figured out that there was a huge fire at Greensboro’s Recycling Center.  I have never seen so much smoke… most of it very toxic to breathe.
Anyways, I worked a couple of different positions and keyed in on the massive amount of smoke.
_MG_4421This fire lasted over 8 hours and over 1 million gallons of water was used to extinguish it.
_MG_4297_MG_4380This was a very visually stunning event and it sparked my interest to follow more fires, especially because of how the smoke moves in the air, which can seem very similar to storms erupting.  Hopefully more to come later!

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