Galactic Live

I have had a crazy weekend full of photography.  Saturday was by far the heaviest with the 2k Zombie Run in the afternoon and Galactic, a New Orleans funk band, at night.  The Zombie Run was my first running event, and I wanted to stay with the action and so I ran with the crowd in 3 different races, a total of 6 miles.  Remind me next year to train so I don’t get so sore.

Anyways, after the Zombie Run, I drove to Ziggy’s in Winston Salem to see one of my all time favorite bands, Galactic!  They are an incredibly talented band with some of the worlds best living musicians, and their jazz/fun/improv style put on an amazing concert!  All of this came with the added bonus of them playing at one of my favorite venues.  If you haven’t heard their music heres a link to their site:  and here is a link to Ziggy’s venue:

They had an amazing light show at the show, and I couldn’t help but shoot over 600 frames, making a total of over 1200 for the day.

Here are some photos from the night.  If you are as big fan of Galactic like me, feel free to contact me and ask about ordering a print at

_MG_6787*_MG_6864* _MG_6839* _MG_6820* _MG_6483* _MG_6387* _MG_6347*

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