Carolina Balloonfest

So things have been kind of crazy recently in my technological world!  My 2 year old Mac crashed during the night a few days ago and it was a complete hard drive failure!  Fortunately most of my stuff was backed up until about a month prior…. but scary stuff, and lesson learned! ..Always back up everything.
Anyway, throughout the havoc I made it out to Statesville NC to see the hot air balloons fly at the annual Carolina Ballonfest.

Here is the photo from the big takeoff!
_MG_3672It was a very crowded and active festival, with music, food, and over 50 hot air balloons.
Also tickets could be purchased for balloon rides which I didn’t get to do but looked fun.
_MG_3433And I also got to enjoy the festivals ‘balloon glow’, which is when the balloons light up at night for everyone to see.  Here are a couple pictures from that
_MG_3955_MG_3904Anyways, it was a visually stunning event and definitely something to attend next year!

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