Putting people in my pictures

(Try to say the title 5 times fast) 🙂 So for school I am required to take a photo everyday.  When I first got this assignment, I became worried because the teacher said I had to start including people in my pictures.  As a wildlife guy, I usually like my pictures with just natural elements.  So this presented a challenge.
Anyways I have been doing decent after about 3 weeks, and I thought I would share a couple of my images from this week.  Both of these images were edited using composite-style editing, in which I made different exposures of the same picture and then kept the parts I liked.  This first picture is of a stranger I met at a lake in Greensboro, NC.  He was a very nice guy, and a pretty good fly fisherman (caught a fish with me there!)

Using my naturalistic style, and putting him in as an element worked out really well..check it out!
The other picture that I wanted to show is of a scene from downtown Greensboro.  I love the old buildings that it has, and its a also a great place to find interesting characters.  When driving around, I happened to see a guy with a drunken stride cutting through one of the oder sections.  I had a moment to capture the picture, and I was able to get him walking in the spot I wanted!  Here it is:

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