Photos from my week

So I have been trying to decide which images to share from my ‘photoaday’ project for school.  It is fun and sometimes exhausting trying to take a good photo everyday, but I think the practice will turn anyone into a technically correct photographer.  I have decided to share two of my images from this week, one from Charlotte NC, and one from Greensboro.
This first photo I took while in Charlotte, looking for a photo of the day.  The photo needed to have people and preferably some action, but I also envisioned some buildings behind the scene.  So in order to set this up, I walked around the city looking for the background.   I set up a couple of different areas but wasnt too impressed.  Finally I came to an area with 3 large buildings and a very interesting walkway… now its time to wait….  After about 10 minutes I found the subjects I was looking for.  I shot a couple frames as they walked up, and then a couple frames when they were really close to the camera.  The moment happened, and I captured the lady in the front looking at her watch, with some people in the background. (Taken 9/19/13)
This next photo is from a lake in west Greensboro, NC.  I am always looking at the sky when I am outside…or when it close to sunrise or sunset, or when its cloudy.  This has been difficult for me during the summer, because it seems the clouds always go away before the sun starts setting.  However, weather fronts can come along and put some clouds in the sky no matter what time of day/night.  Thats what happened on 9/15/13.  A cold front wash pushing in from the west and the clouds were looking great!  I noticed they were going to last through sunset so I quickly drove to a lake near my house.  I set up the frame and started waiting for the perfect balance of light on the reflection and the sky, and as I was waiting a couple of swans started swimming through the middle of the frame!  Lucky timing and great clouds made this experience a lot of fun and I hope to find the swans again but with a 300 mm.
_MG_8786(2) copy

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