Exploring Southern Virginia

Since last week, I set out north from Greensboro and checked out some new places!  Last Friday, storm were brewing, so my partner and I set out to go see what we could capture!  The storms were not too long lived, but we were able to see the power generated by the storms before they died.   I saw some of the best North Carolina structure I had ever seen right before we found a foreground.  The storm was still active though and we were able to capture it coming towards us over a full grown tobacco field.
With not too many storms ahead, later that week I decided to head north again and check out a cave.  I have never been to any caves in Virginia so I wasnt sure what to expect.  However, by the time I got to ‘Devils Den’, I was happy with what I found.  A secluded place, located off a gravel road with handmade signs… Followed by park signs warning of death and danger… I knew I was in the right place!
I could probably hang out in caves forever, and since this time I was by myself, I took my time to relax and enjoy the massive hole in the mountain.  This place was gorgeous, and outside of the cave was full of vibrant and thriving plant life.
The inside of the cave was expansive, with many entrances leading to different areas.  Although a little dry and musty, there was still water seepeing through different sections.
This is definitely a place to return.
Here is a self portrait that I took inside the cave

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