NC Waterfalls this week

Besides some of the other places I went this week that I talked about in my last blog post, I also went on a few waterfall trips!
This first waterfall is located in the southern part of the Pisgah National forest, and with a small hike, a couple waterfalls can be found.  The trail was very green and full of thriving plant and animal life.  The waterfall itself reflected this, with moss growing vibrantly on the sides.  All of this new growth was because of all the crazy amounts of rain we have had recently, which also made the waterfall fuller.

Here is the second waterfall from the same area:
Later on in the week, I made my way up to Highlands NC and enjoyed in some of its waterfalls.
I have photographed this waterfall before, but never from this angle, which required a little hike down the waterfall.
People can stand behind this waterfall without getting wet which makes for a fun time, and also made for some good photographs.  Here is a picture of the falls from the lower vantage point
dry falls hdr

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