Exploring Deep River

So lately I have stopped driving hours and hours to get to certain parks and mountains, but instead I have been exploring all of the land close to me in Greensboro NC.  I grew up in this city and it is easy to look at everything is normal, but I don’t think I ever looked hard enough.  Recently I have been searching out special terrain in my area through google maps and driving around.  This has helped me find a lot of special places that can’t be found in a city pamphlet or with an internet search.
So deep river is about 125 miles long, crossing through different cities across North Carolina.  It has often been known as a river that helped industry grow in this part of the south, and old cotton mills and furniture factories scatter the length of the river.  In the past, I have explored this river near Asheboro, Frankinville, and Randleman, but never in my own area.  This is because there are no accesses to it, but with a little bit of hiking and an inflatable kayak, a friend of mine and I were able to make it on the river near High Point.

We decided to head out to this point on the river when realizing that there was abundance of large dead trees in the river, and a couple of beautiful swamp runoffs.  To my knowledge, this is the only part of the river with these qualities.  So we inflated the kayak and started searching for the most interesting trees and features of the river.

Here is one of the pictures on the river of a beautiful old tree.  If you look beside it, you can see other dead trees scattered in the water. A beautiful sight! (12/23/13)


And here is a picture of us checking out a tree… and the picture we later got during sunset!
_MG_9138_MG_9176(2)I definitely plan to return here, preferably during the fog.  But until then, I have a lot of other places to explore!

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