Photographing Scottish Highland Cattle

I have driven all over the US, and especially all over North Carolina.  My hundreds of thousands of miles have been spent driving but also looking for new and exciting photographic opportunities.  One of the things I look for a lot throughout this is animals…cows, horses, wild animals etc.  Out of all of my driving and looking, I have only seen Scottish Highland Cattle one time, and that was in Summerfield, NC in 2011.

It snowed last night, and since we never get snow here, I decided to revisit my old cow friends!  It had been almost 2 years since I had photographed them the first time, but they were still all there and I would like to think they even recognized me.

I spent a lot of time trying to photograph cows, but these seemed to have more personality than any I have met.  Instead of just standing still and eating grass, they walked over to me (about 5 feet away), and allowed me to take pictures while they played and stood in the snow.

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