Wrightsville Beach NC

Wrightsville beach in North Carolina is a beautiful city.  I have traveled there many times, and there is always more to do.  Besides having being on the Atlantic ocean, this city is home to a number of swamps, marshes, and diverse wildlife.  On this trip however I stayed confined to the beach mostly because of the clouds and the large amount of seagulls and pelicans that were hanging around that day.

When I stepped on the beach for sunrise, there weren’t any clouds or wildlife, and it was a relatively dull scene.  This changed about a half hour after sunrise when altocumulus clouds started moving in from my south.  They are my favorite type of cloud (besides wall clouds) and they looked amazing over the ocean!  It was then when I noticed a huge flock of seagulls and pelicans down the beach flying around and catching fish.

I ran down the beach full speed and made it to where the birds were diving and flying.  Here is one of my first pictures:


I followed the birds down the beach for a bit and also made sure to photograph the Wrightsville beach pier.






Here are three pelicans flying over the beach

_MG_0447And a jogger

_MG_0392After taking these pictures, I traveled into Wilmington to film the annual “Treefest”…I will post the video soon!  And then I headed back near the beach to photograph the sunset



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