Moral March in NC’s Capital

I have been to a number of protests and marches, but this was definitely the largest one I have seen.  Estimates say around 80,000 people gathered in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina’s capital, on February 8, 2014, in a demonstration against GOP’s recent actions.

I showed up ready to photography, and thankfully ready to run also.  I was using my 24-105mm lens, and I was ready to try to catch some wide angle action!  _MG_2959I tried to make sure I moved around a lot, and I kept trying to position myself high above the crowd for a good perspective on the huge number of people.
moral-march_MG_2735moral-march2And here are a couple from the ground with the capital building in the background

The march stayed peaceful and it seemed like the marchers were satisfied with the way the day turned out.  And it was definitely a good opportunity for me to experience a little more of North Carolina.


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