Snowmageddon in North Carolina

By now, many of you have probably seen North Carolinas iconic picture of the car on fire in Raleigh because of the recent snow.  Well if you haven’t, it is a picture of the snowy highway near Raleigh with about 30+ cars slid off to the side and one car in the distance on fire.  This was a real picture, and it shows how bad southerns are at handling snow.  In parts of NC it snowed up to 12 inches, and where I live received 8.

This first picture I want to share is of my pet rabbit having his first playtime in heavy snow!  At first he was a little worried about it, but quickly started having fun by creating tunnels.
Now that I have showed the fun side of the snow, here is a little more of the ‘mess’ created by people trying to drive
_MG_3758_MG_3779And finally, I found someone with some real genius!  I saw this guy walking and I had to get a picture.  He had on cleats for traction in the snow, and the plastic box keeps the snow off of his head but can also double as a sled!
IMG_3736And heres a timelapse I created from the event


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