Maple Cypress Natural Area

I have been to hundreds of Cypress tree areas around NC and SC, but there is something special about Maple Cypress rd.  Located about 60 miles inland, this natural area has some of the largest Cypress trees I have ever seen.  The most interesting thing about this natural area, is I have yet found it on any pamphlets and can’t find anything about it on google.  I just happened to drive past it one day and saved the location.

So I decided to revisit this place and spend some time photographing it.  These huge, amazing water trees grow in such odd and beautiful ways!  Having no kayak on me at the time, I jumped across pieces of land looking for the right trees to photograph.

This tree was huge! And I can only imagine what could have been living in there.



There was also some good wildlife here and I observed a hawk overhead.
_MG_4071Here is another old maple cypress

_MG_4107Unfortunately, I am not sure how much longer this place might be around.  When I was leaving I noticed a large clear cut of some of the cypress trees no more than .2 of a mile from where I photographed.  I am not sure yet what is to become of the area, but I plan to do a little researching.



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