Ocracoke Island

White sand beaches, beautiful dunes, and a small island strip reached by a ferry…what could be better?  My reasons for living in North Carolina continue to grow as I age, and the Outer Banks barrier islands represent a piece that makes North Carolina the beautiful state it is.

Ocracoke Island is a southern section of the Outer Banks which can be easily reached by a free ferry located in Hatteras, NC.  This scenic island, originally stumbled upon in 1585, became a frequent visiting spot for the infamous pirate Blackbeard in the early 1700’s.  These days pirates are scarce at Ocracoke, but plenty of activities exist one the island including fishing, paragliding, swimming and delicious food.  Even though the long boardwalks and pristine beaches are amazing, one of my favorite parts has always been the ferry ride from Hatteras to Ocracoke.  I am amazed and very grateful that such a service is free, used by both locals of the island and visitors.  It is about a 45 minute ferry ride, cutting through the Pamlico Sound in a scenic horseshoe-shaped route to avoid sandbars.  Seagulls are plenty, and I suggest taking the ferry during sunset for a beautiful ride.

To view a blog I posted featuring the rest of the Outer Banks, click here.

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