Exploring the Outer Banks Barrier Islands

The Outer Banks are a strip of barrier islands connected by bridges and ferries located along the coast of North Carolina.  Inhabited by English European colonial settlers and pirates in the earlier days, today it remains a truly amazing area filled with scenic landscapes, wildlife, and gorgeous beaches.

During my trip, I was fortunate enough to spend a full week in the city of Salvo, which allowed for great access to a the Bodie Island Lighthouse and Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, among other places.  A quick drive to Hatteras brought me to the free ferry which takes passengers to Ocracoke Island, which I wrote about in the previous blog here.  The dark skies throughout most of the Outer Banks remain untouched by light pollution, which makes for great viewing of the Milky Way.  For this reason alone I plan to return as many times as possible.

A large portion of my trip was spent creating timelapses from my favorite OBX scenes, which can be seen in the video below the photo gallery.

Here’s the timelapse compilation that I created from my trip:

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