Grandfather Mountain and the Blue Ridge Parkway

Walking across a mile high swinging bridge between two mountain peaks is enough to get anyones adrenaline pumping and palms sweating.  Although this is usually the first image that pops into peoples mind when mentioning Grandfather Mountain, many trails and overlooks also await.  Surrounded by the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains, the 360 degree views and easy access make this place a great stop for any passer-by on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Reaching up to the clouds, 5,946 ft. to be exact, Grandfather Mountain is the highest peak of the eastern Blue Ridge Mountain chain.  A $18.00 fee is charged at the gate for an easy drive to the top, and the fee goes back into the park to help protect and maintain the popular attraction.  A guiding tour audio CD and a pamphlet are given to each car, and then a windy road leads to the top.  Along the driving ascent, picnic tables, overlooks, interesting rock formations and a welcome center can be visited.  A 5 minute drive brings you back to the Blue Ridge Parkway where a few easy hikes can be found by heading either direction (north or south).

Last time I visited Grandfather Mountain, my computer hard drive crashed soon after importing the pictures, causing all of the pictures to be permanently erased.  The lessoned learned was: become efficient at backing up before the disaster happens and not after…

This time I hit the mountain with more determination and a few years of extra skills, and I am pretty happy with the turnout.  I even was able to film a video while at the top!  …Needless to say, my organization and storage back-up has become way better since the last incident, so these pictures are here to stay 🙂

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