Early December Snow

Snowy scenes became a memorable event of early December as a snowstorm swept across the east coast.  The snow was perfect for sticking to trees and building snowmen.

Starting on December 8, wet and sticky snow started to fall across western NC and northern NC.  The snowfall lasted just longer than one full day, but Western NC saw up to 18 inches according to CBS, and northern NC saw at least 6 inches in some areas according to WFMY News2 .

The 6+ inches in Stokes County was enough to create some winter scenes and so I headed out to Singletree Gun & Plough with my photographer friend Chris Sheridan to try and get some pictures and video of Moore’s Knob and snowy landscapes.  Most of the day was overcast with light snowfall, but late afternoon the clouds started to break.  As the sun started to shine onto the snow in the valleys, a thin fog started to form and steadily rise against the mountain.  This made for an amazing visual and a very interesting time-lapse!

A big thanks for the portrait of me captured by Chris Sheridan, and also for Singletree Gun & Plough for the hospitality!

Check out the website for Singletree Gun & Plough here: http://www.singletreegunandplough.com

Check out Chris Sheridan’s Photography and Video here: https://www.chrissheridanvisuals.com

Here is the time-lapse I created of Moore’s Knob

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