Tanglewood Festival of Lights

Driving through Tanglewood Festival of Lights has always been a favorite North Carolina holiday pastime of mine, and this year I was fortunately brought in by VisitNC to photograph the event.  I was given room to take photos without the other vehicles, and I decided to make a video of the driving experience (click here for video).

Some of my favorite parts were the light tunnels.  I decided to play around with long exposures to create a motion blur effect.  I also turned this effect into a GIF (see below).  The entire drive takes place in Tanglewood Park, which is located near Winston-Salem, and during the day has many interesting activities including horseback riding and a BMX course.  At night, this expansive park turned into miles of driving along the main park road in between the lit up scenes. A truly fun experience!

Most of the images were captured on a Canon 5D Mark4 with my Milky Way lens (for low light capture), mounted to the front of my vehicle. I had to drive through a few sections more than once to get the desired effect and light pattern, quite a fun challenge!

Tanglewood Festival of Lights is open from November 17th until January 1st.  Find out more at their website: http://www.forsyth.cc/Parks/Tanglewood/fol/

A couple GIF’s




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