Best of 2017 – Top 10 Photos & Video

2017 was a very exciting year for me and I traveled to a ton of new places! I put together this top 10 of my favorite photos, and below is a video compilation of my favorite scenes of 2017.

I have many accomplishments to be grateful for in 2017 including becoming married, starting as a photography/multimedia teacher at Randolph Community College, being published by OurState Magazine, VisitNC, The Nature Conservancy of NC, and the US State Department. Videos of mine were aired across various national news outlets throughout the year including Fox, NBC, WFMY, The Weather Channel, and Weather Nation. The solar eclipse was an especially fun memory since I live streamed the totality and a wedding for The Weather Channel.

Check out my two features by Roy’s Folks of Fox8:

Come see some of these pictures in person all of January 2018 at The Apple Gallery in Danbury!

A big thanks to all of the support of friends, family and colleagues this year! I hope to continue my travels and storm chasing in 2018 and will be bringing many more blogs! Don’t forget to subscribe and follow my adventures!


8 thoughts on “Best of 2017 – Top 10 Photos & Video

  1. Great to meet you at Catawba Frozen Falls the other day. Looking forward to seeing the time-lapse you shot! -Patrick

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