Almost there! Hiking across North Carolina

So I was out shooting an assignment the other day when I came across a very interesting person.  I noticed this guy walking down the highway with a hiking pack and gear attached.  This was kind of odd, being that we were nowhere near mountains in the middle of NC in asheboro.

I pulled the car off the highway and decided to talk to the man and hear his story.  His name is Brent and getting way more than I bargained for, it turns out he has been hiking from Murphy NC(in the corner of the state) and is heading all the way to the furthest eastern edge at Ocracoke Isaland NC.  After talking with him, it turns out he is walking to raise money for Leukemia research in memory of his mother who passed away late last year.

Brent’s great motivation and endurance made me feel honored to be able to meet him, and hopefully sharing his story can help his cause.  If you would like to help, sponsor or donate, here are the links he provided me with:

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