Best of 2016

2016 has been a fast paced and amazing year.  I visited hundreds of new trails, documented winter storms, tropical storms and the historic Hurricane Matthew, documented the violent protests in Charlotte, filmed many new time-lapse videos, and chased a ton of tornado warned storms.  Most of my year was focused documenting and photographing North Carolina in … More Best of 2016

Autumn in NC 2016

Another gorgeous Autumn this year across North Carolina!  Miles of hiking, new exploring, and a ton of new content for you all to enjoy 🙂   Peak Autumn color seemed to come slower than normal this year, but this gave me a chance to film a video at Linville Gorge as well:

Carolina Blue and White

Snowy mountains, frozen ponds, and icy waterfalls followed North Carolina’s recent snowstorm.  As a storm chaser and nature photographer, I knew I would have a busy few days.  I covered an area ranging from Greensboro to the mountains, while trying my best to provide fast video news coverage and discover new landscapes. The snowstorm, which started 1/22/16, made … More Carolina Blue and White

Grandfather Mountain and the Blue Ridge Parkway

Walking across a mile high swinging bridge between two mountain peaks is enough to get anyones adrenaline pumping and palms sweating.  Although this is usually the first image that pops into peoples mind when mentioning Grandfather Mountain, many trails and overlooks also await.  Surrounded by the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains, the 360 degree views and easy access … More Grandfather Mountain and the Blue Ridge Parkway

Exploring the Outer Banks Barrier Islands

The Outer Banks are a strip of barrier islands connected by bridges and ferries located along the coast of North Carolina.  Inhabited by English European colonial settlers and pirates in the earlier days, today it remains a truly amazing area filled with scenic landscapes, wildlife, and gorgeous beaches. During my trip, I was fortunate enough … More Exploring the Outer Banks Barrier Islands